Mummymoon is a lot more than a luxurious and unique children’s fashion brand. Our brand is known for its outstanding quality and timeless designs. We offer handcrafted garments which are ethically made using the highest quality fabrics. Our brand is creating unique demi-couture two season collections annually for children and young adults aged 2 to 18.

 Mummymoon are known to have a special and distinctive character when it comes to creative fashion and are known to be the brand who creates one of a kind special occasion kidswear which is known for its striking design and luxurious minimalism.

Our brand was born in Norway a small town surrounded by fjords and has since grown to be one of the most loved demi-couture brands for children. We are currently based in Lithuania and are proud to be among the leading kidswear brands worldwide with stock available in various retailers around the world. All of our precious garments are designed and made with love in Lithuania.