We want to talk about wealth in the world and around us. In which direction are we guided by the consumer culture and this habit to exploit, take and buy.It’s not our aim to create a brand just in order to show off in social media.We want authenticity which comes out of inner awareness that we can’t do it anymore.We can’t keep on consuming out of habit to consume.We can’t keep on buying just for pleasure.We just can’t do it. For us it’s a time for reflection, a creative crisis one might say; to find things we can change in our work and in ourselves. In this organism called mummymoon which is also stimulating consumption for quite a while.

This is our way to make a living though. Despite the fact that this work gives us joy to create partly it hurts us.There were times when we wanted to give up and leave it all behind. We couldn’t see a wayout or any helpful solution. It was like a dark blurry filter which covered our eyes.But today we somehow found the strength to get up and do something. We sensed a deepinner belief that we can start changing something as well.We won’t be chatting too much, just working and talking to you once in a while.Mummymoon found a new direction. We will be producing less but more and more trying to offer a luxury garment. It is better to have one, precious, complete and beloved dress than thousands of cheap items from China.

Meaning or the lucky star

By the way, we are manufacturing in Lithuania and we are living in Lithuania. Our dresses are produced by very well-known to us local sewing manufacturers near our city. We chose them because:

  • They believe in us.
  • Their employees are working legally, have mandatory holidays and standard operating hours.
  • They are contributing only with few brands and are not interested in mass production.
  • Their rates are higher, but we know that we want to offer a garment which will live up to our expectations.

And this is only a part of this invisible world in which we are involved everyday. Everyday we want to strive and become closer to you making one more step. With meaning. We are only searching and discovering more and more, just like you. Only our work is to create and yours – to accept us.
Yours, mummymoon

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