Circus of life 

CIRCUS OF LIFE brings on stage the colours of golden roaring lions, striped zebras, flirting giraffes, peaceful elephants and luxurious emerald. It tastes like purple aubergines, tiny grains of mustard reviving with the mild aftertaste of light pink. Curly, straight, sharply cut and mellow shapes of garments – all together – represent variety of roles we juggle everyday.

And that‘s not the end! This time CIRCUS OF LIFE wants to talk about the roles of mothers. An urban fairy mother, a corporate mother, mother who is daydreaming, mother best friend. A mother who is a leader to her daughter, a temple, an ideal she follows.

Circus of life collection empowers elegant 2 years old mademoiselle to 18 old woman-to-be become the best follower of her mom. To whisk playful circus colors mix with romanticism of adult life. Let the jugglery begin!


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